Student Volunteer Army is a non-for-profit organization and as such, we rely heavily on other organizations, businesses, and kind people like you to keep us running and enable us to continue serving the community.

Student Volunteer Army accepts cash donations in which you can deposit at:

For UC SVA (not eligible for donation tax credits): 03-0830-0662337-025

For Student Volunteer Army generally including UC SVA, SVA School Program and SVA Campaigns (eligible for donation tax credits): 38-9012-0891569-00


Let us thank you!

Please email for UC Student Volunteer Army projects and for Student Volunteer Army generally (Subject: Donation Info) with your name and contact details if you do not wish to be anonymous and/or receive a receipt for donation tax credits. We would love to thank you, and keep you updated on our progress.

If you would like  to help us in a different way, please contact us.