West Spreydon School

Loving Eldery from West Spreydon School

We had a group of passionate change makers.

Our goal was to love the elderly.

We brainstormed ways we could love elderly and then created groups that would cater to the needs we came up with.

The groups were:
– Pen pal group
– Elderly Disco group
– Crafts group
– Helping Elderly awareness group

Our end outcome was a ‘Old School Disco’.

The children door knocked, inviting elderly around our community as well as creating notices to go home inviting grandparents to our disco.

Part of the preparation for the disco the children had practice conversations with classmates so they knew how to make the grandparents feel welcome at the disco.

It was a hit! Many elderly had tears in their eyes and felt loved and welcome.

We plan on making this something that happens annually as we saw it very important to our community and had great impact on the children and the grandparents.