Weber School

After much thought, discussion and consultation my class came up with the idea of upgrading and restoring our field and creek area. The children wanted to create a rugby field on our school field, not only for the school but also for the community so that they have somewhere close to home for their rugby teams to train/play. Being rural, many children currently travel an hour to town for rugby training and games. They also wanted to look at restoring the creek that runs through the school. The students want to clear the area and replant it with native trees to attract bird life.

We have had to do two things; one, get quotes and raise money for the goal posts and two, work with the regional council to find out how we can improve the creek. We have been busy raising money for the goal post with a sausage sizzle, disco, and mini gala – all organised by the children. With the support of the BOT and Community Trust, we are very close to our total required. We have also spent a day working with three wonderful ladies from Horizons Regional Council. We completed a stream study, learnt about what needed to be removed from the creek, and how/when/what we can plan, plant and restore the area. It was a fabulous day and the children learnt a lot from it.

We held an SVA day in week 4 of term four to complete as much of the project that is possible to complete at this stage. The creek will be an ongoing project.