Warepa School

Students from Warepa School wanted to hold a disco with profits going to purchase items for care packages for children who were sick in hospital. They were able to make approx 40 ‘Boredom Buster bags’ for children of different ages. They delivered them to Dunedin Hospital early in term 3. This experience was very rewarding, it tied perfectly into our inquiry ‘Good Sorts’ and enabled us to partake in many experiences. We also visited the elderly to read books, share stories and play games, we also knitted peggy squares that are being made into a blanket to deliver to our friends at the rest home.
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such an awesome learning experience!

This was a really worthwhile project – we designed and built wooden vegetable boxes, made disposable seedling pots, and designed and created advertising posters for our local community garden. We also spend two sessions down at the garden helping with preparing the beds and planting out seedlings.

There has been a lot of learning involved in the whole project. We are going to continue our relationship that we have created with the community garden, it has been a fabulous process from beginning to now (it has not ended). It is awesome for the children to be able to give something to the community.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! what caring children!

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