Wairakei School

The students have really enjoyed working together over the last term and have become much more of a unit. They have spent a lot of time on working together as a team.

All the kids are from our local village and decided to tackle the problem of the tennis courts, which are covered in glass from bottles being smashed. We have spent time cleaning it up so classes from school and the local village kids can use it safely. This will have to be an ongoing project.

The students have also designed a sign to ask people to respect the courts, which is to go up on the fence – hopefully the council will allow this.

Our students decided to raise funds by doing a car wash. They raised money for a young girl in the community who needs a very special operation in the United States of America.

The boys worked very hard with the organisation of this task. They raised $133.70 for this young lady.

The offered a great service to the community and it was payment via donation. There was no set amount for a car to be cleaned.

The boys were extremely proud for their service and were thankful to the community for their generosity.