Upper Harbour Primary School

We are a group of Y5/6 students from Upper Harbour Primary School. We decided that we would join our project with another class and get into our nature trail behind the school.

We weeded the trail and cleaned the space so it can be used by our community. We asked our caretaker for some help and he brought tools and bags so we could clean up the trail- picking up any rubbish first. Next, he showed us which plants we needed to pull up and how to weed the garden.

It was fun and the students enjoyed the project.

Room 16 at Upper Harbour Primary School joined with some local conservationists and Anna from Auckland Council, to spend part of our day weeding at Lady Phoenix Reserve.

It was hard work! First we had to be able to identify between weeds and native plants. Then we went to the bush and cleared an area of many ground-weeds.

At the end of the session we had over 20 large sacks of weeds!