Trentham School

We are doing multiple projects for SVA. The students wanted to help animals in need in our community. We decided to make dog toys for HUHA (Helping You Help Animals) and donate them. We haven’t delivered them to HUHA yet, as we are still testing the prototypes on our canine friends.

As another project, we are also creating colourful postcards for our school.

Each student has engaged and grown while doing the projects. They are enjoying their volunteer work.

Our SVA project focused on helping refugees in our community. The students from our school that come from refugee families, invited their families to tell their stories at school. These presentations were supported by student leaders.

We brainstormed lots of ideas to help, and the majority wanted to go and help in a daycare or kindergarten. Unfortunately only one replied to the children and we couldn’t quite get it to happen.

So in the end, we invited a few young ones to join us at school so we could see what they liked and how we interact with the young children if we did eventually get to visit a kindergarten.

Both the big kids and the wee ones loved interacting together. Our big kids showed kindness and respect to the wee one’s personal space and were very encouraging. Even some students who can be impulsive and noisy in class we very engaged, kind, and considerate towards the kids. Even with so many bigger kids around, the younger children were happy moving around the room, away from their grown up and joining in with the children.

It was a shame we didn’t make it to a kindy this term, we are still hoping to get to one soon.