Supporting people in isolated bubbles

Supporting people in isolated bubbles

During the nationwide COVID lockdown, we were delivering to a customer who was staying in a motel in Dunedin. The customer was living there while going through chemotherapy treatment and couldn’t risk going to the supermarket himself due to his compromised immunity.

He was there on his own, as his family was locked down in their own bubble to keep him safe, meaning he was unable to access essentials he needed. Having his groceries delivered reduced substantial possible risks to his health and wellbeing, while seeing a grocery delivery person each week ‘made his day’.

Vanessa, chief-picker for the Christchurch region, said this was just one example of incredible volunteering from our SVA volunteers: “Seeing all the wonderful students helping out, it reminds me that there are good selfless people out there who come together as a team to help out in their communities in such important times of need, keeping that community connection going which is vital to so many. And always doing it with a smile, is very heart-warming!”

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