St Theresa’s School (Plimmerton)

A Dragon’s Den Project involved the students designing, creating and pitching an idea, edible or otherwise, to be part of the Christmas food parcels that go to the community from the St Theresa’s Catholic School Parish.

This was an amazing opportunity for the children to work under a timeframe and create something for someone else at this time of the year. The winning projects, there were 6 of them, were then created 12 times so that each food parcel had a special gift and a Christmas card.

Items made were: Sprinkle Sticks, Ginger Biscuits, Lynch’s Chocolate Smash, Swishy Snowman (which doubled up as a stress ball and as a decoration), salt dough decorations, and snowman pegs. The children were then involved in packing up the food parcels and putting their own special gift in the box.

3 thoughts on “St Theresa’s School (Plimmerton)”

  1. Way to go St Theresa’s. A great example of your faith in action.

  2. Awesome St Theresa’s school. So thoughtful and generous of you ( very creative too). A big thank you to all the kids from all different schools for all their hard work and big hearts!!!!

  3. Lots of hard work from the children. They enjoyed making the gifts/food and also being part of unloading food from the truck and packing up the food boxes that go out to our local community. It was fantastic to be able to support St Vincent de Paul and the Parish.

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