St Teresa’s School (Featherston)

Team Takitimu students began the term compiling a list of everything that concerned them at a global, national and local level. This covered everything from acid rain, Donald Trump to homelessness. When we looked deeper at these issues, and what we could actually do, the students decided to focus on the people in their own community.

“Cans for Fams” was the students idea to collect cans for the Featherston Foodbank. They wrote to the South Wairarapa Council to ask permission to set up a collection point in the town square, they wrote to Supervalue to borrow shopping trolleys and they even wrote to Watties to see if they would match the cans that they collected (or make a donation). Event advertising covered everything from posters, social media, to an awesome rap written by Jack and Fletcher

The majority of cans were collected at the school office during the week, with a few cans collected in the centre of town. It was amazing to watch the students plan and drive their project.

They are already planning the next group that they can help out.