Somerfield School

Our unit of learning linked to the SVA was a study called Changemakers. We began the unit studying historical changemakers of Parihaka. This was fascinating and very topical, as it had become a discussion within the media. We then spent a few weeks exploring various change-makers locally, nationally, and globally, and identifying key characteristics of what it takes to be a change maker.

We have had 3 speakers: Flatman, a speaker from the SVA, and Duane Major. The children then embarked on their own project to be a changemaker. We renamed our Year 5/6 team the Somerfield Action Army. We planted 200 trees in Burwood in the Red Zone to help beautify the area.

This has been a very engaging and worthwhile learning experience for our students which we have all thoroughly enjoyed. We hope our children have learnt that they can make a change, no matter how small- they can still make a difference. They are the changemakers of tomorrow.