Shotover Primary School


Shotover Primary School

Our project

We took inspiration from the kindness rocks project, our aim was to connect with our local community by spreading kindness. We encouraged others to pay it forward, 'Kindness is contagious.' We collected rocks, painted them and wrote words of kindness and inspiration on them. We then distributed the rocks around our neighbourhood. Our habitat of 90 children participated in the acts of kindness project.

Benefits to our community

Our project benefited the local community of Shotover Country in Queenstown. It acted as a connection to our neighbours and inspired other random acts of kindness.

Our learning

It was a fantastic opportunity to work collaboratively to plan and complete a project from start to finish. The group experienced working to a deadline to complete their project. It also provided the context for job role delegation. Looking back we would have liked to dedicate more time to the process, maybe completed it in the less busy term 3!

Value to the students - teachers perspective

It provided a real life context for our learning, making it authentic and purposeful. It gave the opportunity to share our school values of joy and we in turn gave joy to the members of the community who were gifted a kindness rock. It provided the context for paying it forward.

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  1. Lovely 10/10 I hope you do this again

    • We might do this at our school so we can spread kindness to.

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