Selwyn Ridge School

During term 2 the class decided to make hot water bottle covers to sell at our winter fair. A very kind parent donated the fabric and pattern and the students then found a picture they like to cut out of fabric to put on the front of their hot water bottles.

Many students did such a great job and enjoyed learning to sew so much that they made another one. One student made 4 as the pattern she used was amazing and she had requests coming in for it. The students worked tirelessly for many hours over 3-4 weeks to make their covers. Many were then involved in selling them and looking after other activities at the winter fair.

The money raised has been used to create shoeboxes for children who aren’t as fortunate as them at Christmas time. The students have been actively involved in purchasing the contents of the boxes, wrapping the gifts and delivering them to the people running the project. They have all taken on a variety of roles to make this happen and have been very excited to provide a gift for someone else.

They are an amazing class who has often been called on to help our school community. They are always ready and willing to do whatever is asked of them. They have all learnt about the benefits of helping others and also about helping out without needing a reward. This project will have an impact on many of them for many years to come.