SVA Volunteer Action Kit

Primary Schools

The SVA and School Kit have collaborated to create the SVA Volunteer Action Kit. This kit is designed with children in mind and aims to encourage our youngest generation to become our future volunteers. The kit was sent to 1000 schools across New Zealand and approximately 32,000 students. We have had an extremely positive response to the launch of the kits, with schools sending us through action shots and telling us the stories behind their projects!

What's in the Kit

The Kit contains all the students and their teachers need to create their own platoon, including:

  • 32 job based badges to clearly identify your students on their Community Project Day.
  • A printed “SVA Guide to Project Success” Fact Sheet outlining all the secrets behind how SVA runs their volunteering projects.
  • A pack of project cards which include checklists, job descriptions and project ideas – everything your students need to complete their project

How it works

The aim of the Primary School Program is to enable students, with the help of their teachers, to identify a need in their community and come up with a way to meet this need. The purpose of the Program is to ensure the volunteering spirit is part of the student’s identity. The students then use the kit to run their own volunteer event. This may be a one day event, or could be an ongoing project.

The kit contains all the resources needed to carry out a volunteer project, including The SVA Guide to Project Success which guides you through the process of planning an event. Each student receives a badge bestowing them with a particular role in the organisation of the event. This allows each student to engage with the project and helps foster the understanding of the important role they all play in the project.

Students and teachers are encouraged to share their event with the SVA team and on pinterest. We have had many emails documenting the fascinating and inventive projects students have come up with and look forward to more!

Helpful tips from some the team at the SVA

Get Involved

You can start your platoon by downloading our SVA Volunteer Action Kit from School Kit. You can access the resources, teacher guides and photos of what other students have been planning – all for FREE.

Follow this link to download the SVA Volunteer Action Kit from School Kit for FREE. Add the resources to your “cart” and follow the instructions provided. The SVA Volunteer Action Kit will be delivered directly to your email.