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Primary Schools

#SVASchools is our campaign to mobilise, encourage, and support a new generation of volunteers.
The program is generously supported by Citycare.

The SVA ethos is that anyone – no matter your age, skills or ability – can be a volunteer.

SVA Schools

Each year SVA produces a magic box of volunteering that contains all the things students and their teachers need to create their own volunteering project. 

The boxes develop each year but include: 

  • 32 job based badges to ensure everyone has a role and a responsibility. 
  • The “SVA Guide to Project Success” helping you find a project, build a team and operate an incredible volunteer day 
  • A fact Sheet outlining all the secrets behind how SVA runs their volunteering projects and videos of how the big kids at University make it happen 
  • A pack of project cards which include checklists, job descriptions and project ideas – everything your students need to complete their project 
  • Health and Safety letter for schools 

How it works


The aim of the Primary School Program is to enable students, with the help of their teachers, to identify a need in their community and come up with a way to meet this need. The purpose of the Program is to ensure the volunteering spirit is part of the student’s identity. The students then use the kit to run their own volunteer event. This may be a one day event, or could be an ongoing project.


  • Taking collective action for the care of other people in our school and wider community.

  • Understanding how people participate collectively in response to community challenges.

  • Undertaking planning that includes stakeholder feedback to develop an outcome


Helpful tips from some the team at the SVA

Get Involved

Each year we release our SVA Schools Program to teachers who are signed up with our database. If you’re already involved in SVA Schools and are interested in more support, feel free to let us know and we’ll do our best to help!