School Garden Transformed to Provide Kai to Families In Need

School Garden Transformed to Provide Kai to Families In Need

Students at Southern Cross Campus posing for a group photo
Year 7 and Year 8 students at Southern Cross Campus

Students at Southern Cross Campus decided to support local families affected by Covid-19 by creating a school garden to harvest and gift food. Not only have students helped those in need, but many have taken their new skills home, teaching their families and neighbours about the medicinal properties of plants and starting their own gardens.

At the beginning of lockdown the Southern Cross Campus school garden was overgrown and unused. Fast forward to spring and it has turned into the focal point of the school community, led by the year 7s and 8s who decided to revitalise it to provide food for local families in need as part of the SVA volunteer project..

When Ms. Theresa and Mrs Tamati first introduced the SVA Kids programme in assembly earlier in the year they had no idea what to expect. Students quickly started coming up with project ideas and voted on helping provide food to those struggling.

With only a small budget the students had to be resourceful. They quickly assigned themselves roles and reached out to parents and local garden centres to get donations. Students researched what plants to pick, and learnt all about the medicinal properties which they have been sharing back home with their families and church communities.

Now in harvest season the students are distributing the food out to families who need it most, and starting their own gardens at home to continue what they have learnt.

Ms. Theresa said “SVA Kids has been the main highlight of the year for students, they have worn their badges with pride and learnt all about the different roles and responsibilities in running a project.” She says; “it has taught the more shy students how to be more confident. Our class has learnt that every person is able to volunteer, and even doing a small act of service has a ripple effect and makes a big difference.

SVA Kids has given our students a sense of belonging by being able to make a difference in their community. My students and I feel privileged to have been able to take part despite all the challenges this year, and it’s shown that every single person can do something to help”.

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