Sacred Heart School

Room 4 All Stars from Sacred Heart School.

Thank you very much. We have thoroughly enjoyed this project.

We completed a few mini projects – the students wanted to help tidy up the environment as per our Inquiry topic.

For this reason, they wanted to tidy up a local park that was known to have lots of broken glass – one of our students had already received quite a deep cut playing there earlier in the year.

Initially we thought the park looked clean and tidy, but 60 students, plus adults went on a mission. We were all surprised with the amount of rubbish, broken glass bottles, plastics and even a syringe!

The students were very proud of themselves and happy they were able to clean up and help to make our environment cleaner. They have also committed to doing individual and family cleanup projects around the community.

The other project the students were keen to do related to helping others.

Every week volunteers at our Church clean it, so the students wanted to help them. It was a great experience for all and the class are keen to make sure it doesn’t remain a one-off practice, but that we continue to help them as an act of service.

We are all really happy with our contributions and we are looking at even more ways we can help others and the environment.

Thanks again.

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  1. Amazing idea! Keep up the spectacular work guys!

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