Ruawai College

We explored our Harbour, the impact that it has on us and the impact we make on this environment. We investigated recreational, commercial, and eco-tourism uses of the Harbour. The students want the harbour to be used in the future and how we can improve and sustain the environment.

As a result of our investigation and feasibility study, we have decided that the actions that suited us the best was to plant the riparian strip around our waterways. Our class began to make a nursery for seeds and plants. 

In order to show the community what it is we are wanting to do we decided that we would need to plant some of our own waterways so that the community could see what we planned to do and the benefits it could have.  We asked for volunteers to come to the school and help us plant our 550 native trees and shrubs alongside the canals around the college. We were amazed by the volunteers that we had come and help us, and we saw that there were a number of farmers and community members that were interested in planting Ruawai waterways.

In the future, we would like to continue to set up our school nursery and make it a success.

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