Ruakaka Primary

Room 11

Ruakaka Primary

Our project

Our class was involved in a drain clean up.

After we looked around our environment we realised we keep our school pretty clean and we are proud of our space. However just beyond our boundaries lurks a disgraceful space, the Drains!

Having just completed the Drains to Harbour project we realise how everything ends up in the ocean.

We took photos, wrote up our feelings, made a plan to clean the Drains and wrote to our local council.

Benefits to our community

Our immediate community, our school and the marine life in the ocean. We also reached out to our local council and hope we will forge a positive partnership with them to help us maintain the Drains on our roadside.

Our learning

Great to link to our persuasive writing and reach out into the wider community for help.

We learnt that our combined efforts can help solve a problem.

We also learnt we all have different strengths and talents to use in different ways.

Value to the students - teachers perspective

Integrating our learning, making a difference after we learnt about Drains to Harbour and writing for a reason.