Rotorua Girls’ High School

Our action we chose to undertake was a learning fair aiming at raising awareness for the issues in our Rotorua Community. We had a range of ideas from water quality and sustainability, homelessness, pay it forwards schemes and donation drop offs, website developments for raising awareness and resource packs for our community. I have attached a few examples of their work and write ups from our newsletters.


Our Learning Fair this term was when we invited all year 9 and 10 RGHS students as well as a range of community groups to come and view a selection of our students work from Term one. Our student inquiry topic last term was around the settlement of Rotorua and investigating the health of our water ways. We wanted to know if there was a link between humans use of our Rotorua region and the health of our lakes and rivers. More specifically our students focussed their investigations on the Utuhina and Puarenga water ways, sampling and then analysing their findings.

Our students created a treasure hunt so that those visitors to our learning fair could win prizes by searching for answers in the displays around the classroom. We had approximately 200 students, staff and community visitors come through on the day!