Pukerua Bay School

We have undertaken multiple projects for SVA. The students worked together to design and create a Mural that explains our school, its Tikanga, and history.

Our students have also been visiting the local retirement home and sharing their world with the residents. One of the images below shows Jesse and Jake explaining how Minecraft works – it was a long and humorous chat!

Our students have also been working with recycled pallets to create things for their schoolmates.

The students have all worked hard and have enjoyed our projects. They have helped make our school year very interesting!

First, the students brainstormed areas in the community that they felt needed improvements. Early this term they attended the community village association meeting representing the school and being the student’s voice. At this meeting, they presented their ideas and had the community make votes. One of the highest votes was to paint murals around the school and community followed by fixing up the skate park.

They then went to Bunnings Warehouse with their project and asked for support for the mural, to which Bunnings donated $500 worth of paint.

Our two classes brainstormed ideas for the mural, deciding that the first would be at our school and would represent local myths and legends along with Pukerua Bays best bits.

They started to paint the mural and it is looking amazing. The two hills represent both the Pukerua Bay Hills, as well as the Maori mother earth Papatuanuku with Rangi Papa watching over from above. There is a skink climbing the hills, which are very common in our school. The old Pukerua Bay school building stands tall on the hills along with a skater riding the hills. There is an image of Maui and the sun on the left, a tui on the right, and lastly, Kapiti Island and Wairaka Rock. It is very meaningful to our school.

We have support from the community with a local artist coming to help the kids.

This is just the start and we are looking forward to seeing this journey continue next year.