Prebbleton School

We focussed on two projects between our three classes and the students opted into joining.

We have collected preloved sports gear from our community and given it to another school on the other side of town. We have also collected bedding, food and toys for the SPCA.

Rakau 2 completed a stream study for our local domain stream to see how healthy it was and looked to see how much rubbish was in the area. We then completed a ‘tidy up’ of the domain and the stream area.

We also wrote to the domain trustees and asked if we could be involved in any planting that may be done before the end of the year or possibly spreading bark. They invited us to go along one Sunday morning and we sent along some children to help with the next planting session. We planted over 100 plants and a couple of trees.

The students enjoyed this project and learnt a lot about our local environment.

Another class went through all the books and sorted them into picture books, chapter books and non fiction books. Some kids’ magazines were also donated so they checked these to make sure they hadn’t been drawn in already! They played the games and checked the pieces of the puzzles (except for the 1000 piece puzzle!). They then boxed everything up ready to be taken to Cholmondeley.