Pigeon Mountain School

Pigeon Mountain School

Our project

We had two groups that took on two different projects. One group's project was 'Say No to Plastic'. The other group worked on advocating 'Mindfulness'.
The students chose 'Say No To Plastic' because they found too many students were bringing plastic in their lunch box and this is not good for our environment. So, the students got together and made a plan:
They made posters.
They did presentations in front of other students in their classrooms. They talked to them about the consequences of using plastic.
There was a question/answer session too.
They also did a presentation in front of the principal.
And they checked lunch boxes at lunchtime.

Benefits to our community

Our project majorly benefited the environment as the plastic used and brought to school was reduced and the community (students, teachers, parents) became more aware of solutions to improving the environment, the consequences of using plastic, and the benefits of these environmental activities.

Our learning

The students learnt very valuable lessons through the experience like learning soft skills (teamwork, co-operation, communication, etc); as they organised and presented their projects in front of the students and their principal, they learnt how to present their ideas effectively and confidently, further enhancing their public speaking skills and management. The students also learnt that even though their actions/projects to improve the environment may be small or insignificant, they know every little bit counts to saving the planet. "There is no planet B, so we should take care of our planet and stop using plastic." - Stacey Chen and Sofia Dixon (Pigeon Mountain School students involved in the 'Say No To Plastic' project)

Value to the students - teachers perspective

From an education point of view, the most valuable aspect to the students was getting a better understanding and knowledge about the environment, the major issue of plastic globally, the solutions they can take to reduce plastic (e.g. alternatives to plastic). The students realised the importance of environmental education and that having the ability to educate others about the environment can play a huge and positive impact on improving the environment as they are challenged to go away and change their habits to ensure that there is a sustainable future for them and their family.

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