Patumahoe Primary School

Room 12 was very interested in a book called Boy Overboard. It’s about a refugee and his adventure from Afghanistan to Australia. This left us thinking about what could we do to help refugees.

We used our SVA project to help the refugees that are coming to New Zealand. We called the Red Cross and found out there were 10 families arriving in Hamilton in August. They were coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Colombia.

We decided to make cushions for the families and to have a mufti day to collect household items. We had to design the pillows that we wanted to make. We researched and drew up our pillow designs.

Everyone was excited and the pillows turned out great. We also learnt about each of the countries that the families were from. We studied their greetings and languages.

We enjoyed this project and hope that we helped make a positive start to their time in New Zealand.