Paraparaumu Beach School

Our Student Volunteer Army, in conjunction with the Whareroa Gaurdians Community Trust members, organised trips to Whareroa Farm in Kapiti. Whareroa is a recreation reserve offering walking, picnicking, biking, and horse-riding, with links to the adjoining Akatarawa Forest and Queen Elizabeth Park across SH1. DOC works closely with the Whareroa Guardians Community Trust to manage the reserve. Whareroa is a successful example of land being managed for conservation, recreation and farming.

Our students were involved in planting native saplings on the farm. They were shown traps used for pest control and went on a bush walk to appreciate the conservation measures already undertaken on the farm.

The class learnt a lot about tree planting and the importance of planting natives trees for the environment. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience.