Papatoetoe West School

For our SVA project, we did a tree planting campaign. The students planted over 1000 trees and shrubs!

We enjoyed the project and the class are proud of their work.

The students of Papatoetoe West School want to see Kohuora Park, a place where they thought living creatures and plants can live and thrive. Instead, they saw that the water and park were polluted and started a plan of action to make it better.

The Student Leaders and other children joined together to remove the rubbish and paint over graffiti. They have many other plans for future action to make it even better.

5 thoughts on “Papatoetoe West School”

  1. Great work, Papatoetoe West school children. You are awesome in looking after your environment for the future generations to enjoy. Well done!

  2. Well done you guys for making a change in our environment and for leading by example. What I find really awesome is that what you’ve done for our environment will last generations and you should be proud that you’ve made a difference in our world.

  3. Excellent effort planting trees and improving our local environment. The birds and other creatures will love it too. 🙂

  4. You guyz did a great job?

  5. Keep up the good work Pap West. The area looks heaps better than it used to when I was a kid at your school in the 1980’s. There’s still lots of rubbish in May 2020 and always more cool things you can do to restore the area.

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