SVA provides a magic box of volunteering that contains all the things students and their teachers need to create their own volunteering project. Read some of the great testimonials from our teachers and classes that have already tried them out.

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What is the impact of volunteering on a young person’s life?

The positive impact of the Student Volunteer Army’s SVA Service Award on young people’s lives is undeniable and profound. SVA commissioned independent research to understand how the SVA Service Award benefits and impacts young people through volunteering and service. The research showcases a range of positive, experienced impacts including; increased leadership skills, empathy, community connections, work readiness, and overall improved sense of self-worth and pride through volunteering and service.

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The SVA Volunteer Action Kit

To receive your free volunteer action kit all you need to do is register your classroom. Registration opens in term one, with boxes being sent out in time for term two. Our boxes are updated each year, but will always include:

  • 32 job based badges to ensure everyone has a role and responsibility
  • A guide on how to find a project, build a team and operate an incredible volunteer day
  • A fact sheet outlining all the secrets behind how SVA runs their volunteering projects, and how the big kids at University make it happen
  • A pack of project cards which include checklists, job descriptions and project ideas – everything students need to complete their project
  • Health and safety letter for schools

By registering you will automatically get access to a full suite of downloadable PDF resources, as well as be first in line for the classroom kits.

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