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What is the SVA Service Award?

The SVA Service Award is a platform that provides free access for volunteers to track and reflect upon their volunteering hours. However, in order for volunteers to receive their badges—Member, Bronze, Silver, and Gold—their school needs to sign up to the programme.

Through our services, we aim to ensure that volunteers receive the recognition they rightfully deserve for their valuable contributions to their community, whether it's within their school, whānau, or neighborhood.

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Member Pin

5 hours

Bronze Award Pin

32 hours

Silver Award Pin

250 hours

Gold Award Pin

500 hours

Top Volunteer Award

Special Recognition Badge

How does it work?

  • Find volunteering opportunities that interest and mean something to you.
  • Log volunteering hours through the SVA App or web app.
  • The application automatically builds a Summary of Service that you can use when applying for scholarships, apprenticeships, and employment.
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Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience while helping others. If you’re doing something to help other people, without expecting anything in return, that’s volunteering. Whether you’re putting out cones at a sports event, organising the school ball, caring for a sick family member, washing dogs at the SPCA, planting trees, or picking up plastic rubbish at the beach - you’re making a contribution to your community and that counts.

It can be hard to get a job without experience, but it can be hard to get experience without a job. By volunteering and logging your hours through the SVA Service Award app, you can add essential skills to your CV while building your confidence and making friends.

The volunteering toolkit

Using your mobile or tablet device, you can now do everything as you did on the web version of the SVA Service Award - and more!

 We’ve completely rebuilt the Teacher’s Portal to empower you as teachers and school faculty members with all the tools needed to take volunteering at your school to the next level!

If you’re a student, your teacher can assign you as a Team Leader, where you’ll be given access to these tools to create your own teams and start your own volunteering projects!

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Log your volunteer hours

You will earn your Member level pin after 5 hours of volunteering. Try and aim for Bronze at 32 hours!

User-friendly Teacher’s Portal

Use the Teacher’s Portal and SVA App together, to take volunteering at your school to the next level.

Earn SVA Service Award Badges

There are 5 SVA Service Award badges: Member, Bronze, Silver, Gold and a Top Volunteer Award pin.

Volunteer as a Team Leader

As a Team Leader, you get special features to create and organise your own volunteering events.

Build a Summary of Service

All the volunteering hours you log and the activities you attend gets recorded automatically.

Create a school-house team

Organise your school into house teams, hobby clubs, or even into different classrooms.

Use the Summary of Service

You’ve done the mahi, now you get the treats! Apply for jobs, uni, polytechnic, scholarships & more.

Create your own activities

Whether you’re running a classroom project or just helping nana - it’s volunteering made easy as.


If the SVA Service Award is switching over to a mobile app - what do I need to know?

Great question! If you’re an existing student or teacher, migrating over to the app is super easy - we’ve done all the thinking for you!

To make sure you hit the ground running, we recommend you go through our Getting Started Wizard.

 Check out some of the common questions we’ve listed here or if you want to learn more, click the button below to visit our Help Centre.

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What happens to all my logged Service Records?
All your existing Service Records will get transferred over to the SVA App. If you have an existing SVA Service Award profile, make sure to use the Getting Started Wizard.
Will I still be able to log in on this website?
You will no longer be able to log into this web version of the SVA Service Award. The SVA App now provides all of the functionality of this web version and more.
Can I keep all my volunteering hours?
Yep! All your volunteering hours will get transferred along with all your previously logged Service Records in the new SVA App.
Can I use the same email address to log into the app?
Yep! But if you already have an existing SVA Service Award profile and it’s your first time logging in, you’ll need to reset your password.
Can I continue using the current Teacher’s Portal?
The Teacher’s Portal has now been upgraded and the previous one will no longer be accessible. To log into the upgraded Teacher’s Portal, please visit this link. We also recommend checking out the Teacher’s e-Handbook User Guide for some helpful tips and tricks.
I’ve finished high school, what should I do now?
No worries! If you’ve finished high school and want to continue volunteering all you need to do is update your educational institution (or select SVA General if you are currently working) in the SVA App’s settings. If you no longer have access to your school email, use our Getting Started Wizard to perform an email recovery.
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Ready to get started?

Getting involved in local volunteering and community projects is easy with the SVA web app.

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