Our Story

SVA is an education charity run for students, by students, focused on providing meaningful volunteering opportunities for primary, secondary and tertiary aged young people in Aotearoa.

SVA Annual Report

Student Volunteer Army

SVA Annual Report 2019

SVA Foundation

The Student Volunteer Army and the SVA Foundation are very pleased to present this year’s annual report. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who have supported us and continue to support us. If you have been fortunate enough to benefit from our programmes, please consider making a donation so we can keep on delivering our nationwide initiatives.

The Quick History!

Christchurch was struck with a 7.1 magnitude earthquake on the 4th of September 2010.

In response to this natural disaster, University of Canterbury student, Sam Johnson, created a Facebook group called the ‘Student Base for Earthquake Clean Up’ to assist local residents with non life-saving tasks. 

Sam and leaders of several UC clubs joined and together formed the ‘Student Volunteer Army’ as a collective movement of 11,000 people to help clean up the city.

University Students

Student Volunteer Army was formed as a charitable trust which has been continually led by a student executive and guided by a board of trustees. 

Each year students organise over 50 local projects that engage 3000 students at the University of Canterbury. 

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Primary School Students

In 2017 following a request by Primary Schools, SVA launched a nationwide ‘SVA Schools’ programme to extend the SVA spirit to primary school classrooms. 

In classes, each year 32,000 students identify a local project, build a team, develop a plan, operate their project, and report on what they have achieved. 

The programme teaches cooperation and leadership skills to young kiwis to become lifelong volunteers!

SVA Service Award
Secondary Schools

The SVA Service Award was launched to recognise the volunteer efforts of secondary school students. 

Operating in most major public, private and special schools in New Zealand, the SVA Service Award is a five level badge based system that records and tracks student volunteering against the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Students download a SVA Summary of Service – a CV of their volunteering – to help with jobs or uni or hall applications!