Napier Intermediate School

Room 11

Napier Intermediate School

Our project

Our class of 29 carried out a nutrition investigation and created presentations to present to other classes in the school. The presentations included statistical data, games and challenges and nutritional value demonstrations. Students aimed to inform others about common foods and drinks found in there lunch boxes and how to achieve a more balanced diet.

Benefits to our community

This project benefitted the people closest to us, the students in our school, and it was hoped that it would have a knock on effect to their families and whanau. Allowing young people to understand the nutritional values in the soft drinks and food they often eat helped to empower them to make informed choices about what goes in to their body.

Our learning

Our class learnt how important it is to engage with others outside of our own class. That we have to find interesting ways to present information to help improve the impact of their message. Also how important it is to look after ourselves so that we can help others.

Value to the students - teachers perspective

Learning to work in groups and dividing out work. Also the opportubity to formally present to others challenged their oral and visual language skills.