Morrinsville Intermediate

Fruit Loops (previously named Manaaki Warriors) from Morrinsville Intermediate.

A group of Morrinsville Intermediate students identified the need for some fruit trees to be in their school grounds for students to enjoy.

The group of 31 named themselves the Fruit Loops.

Roles were assigned, tasks and planning was completed over a period of 6 weeks and many hours of discussion, research and planning was done.

The day arrived and students performed their roles to a high standard.

The HQ was set up alongside the First Aid desk. The equipment officer and safety officers performed their roles well as did the caterers who cooked sausages and made fruit kebabs.

The doers and other role holders helped to put our 4 mandarin trees into the ground!
After all of the mahi, the feast was ready to enjoy!

The students packed up and cleaned up and headed back to class to debrief their day.

The feedback from students was, “That was totally awesome! Can we do another SVA project!?”

Thank you so much for the awesome activity, we will look to do another SVA project in the near future!