Merrin School

There were multiple groups of students from Merrin School that completed different, exciting projects around the community.

The first group were five of our year 8 students. They asked local kindergarten teachers what they needed the most… they said TIME. To free up time for these hard-working teachers, the boys helped by rotating their compost cycle. This involved scraping the new product off the compost to find the ‘good stuff’. They then transferred the ready compost around the gardens in the kindergarten. Their next job was to move an extremely heavy hut to a different location for the younger children to access.

They had a fantastic time and really enjoyed giving back to a place where they first began their learning journeys.

We had another group of 3 students – Mia, Ella and Makayla. These girls served by helping care for the animals at Arion Park. They did such a great job they were asked back a second time this!

They got us close and personal with the animals – Mia got surprised by the goat!

This group is doing a project on the ripple effect. This is something that you do that makes someone else’s day good or bad.
The students will be visiting Ward 21 (children’s ward) at Christchurch Hospital. In the photos, you can see this group making toys for the children. They are also making fudge and muffins for the kind staff that work there.