Meet Deillion; one of our most passionate volunteers

Meet Deillion; one of our most passionate volunteers

Deillion is one of the most gregarious and passionate people that you’ll ever meet. He also lives with FASD; a disability that affects the executive functioning part of his brain. FASD is permanent brain damage caused by consumption of alcohol any time after the foetus is 3 weeks old.

Thanks to early diagnosis and a home for life family (who became FASD-informed), Deillion has been able to achieve a great deal. He recently started his first part-time job as an office junior for Base Station Tauranga.

Last summer, Deillion’s love for animals led him to volunteer on a dolphin watching boat. He loved getting to know people from around the world and he became very water-confident.

When we asked Deillion what he thought about volunteering, he recommended it as “a way to start a new life.”

Thanks Deillion!