Maungatapu School

The Crest Community Ambassadors (Room 18) are focusing on Sustainability.

We have collected about 2500 plastic shopping bags from the families in our class and around the school, to make PLARN. Plastic yarn made from plastic bags. During the term the class have been learning how to knit and crochet with wool and are now applying this to the creation of round mats made from PLARN. We felt we needed to learn how to use this resource in a positive way to help stop the bags ending up in our oceans and water ways.

It will take some time and A LOT more bags but we are aiming to have our mats made and being used by the middle of next term. They will be taken home and used in the holidays at the beach. The best thing about them will be they are waterproof and if they get dirty or sandy, you can pin them to the clothes line and hose them off!