Maungatapu School

Our project is to support a recent initiative set up by a Tauranga parent. This project is known as ‘Tauranga Shoebox Christmas’ and the idea is to provide a shoebox full of goodies for a child in Tauranga whose family may be going through tough times and can’t afford to give presents to their child/children for Christmas.

Local schools have been approached to ‘nominate’ some children and their siblings, and then individuals, companies etc are given the age level and gender, along with a small list of interests and favourite toys etc. The challenge is then to fill a shoebox with appropriate presents for these children.

Our class chose to fill shoeboxes for 6 children ranging from 3yrs to 15yrs in age. We are bringing in small gifts to add to these. I have been overwhelmed by the response so far with things such as a Barbie doll, nail polish, and chapter books.