Masterton Intermediate

We had an amazing few days! Our learning hub brainstormed loads of cool ideas and then formed groups to implement them. We tried to encourage them to think about how they could help other community groups. In the end, we had the following:

  • Wairarapa Hospice – They called the Hospice to see if there were any jobs they could help with. They spent the day vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, sorting plants, and sorting items they collected for a garage sale.
  • DP, Fernridge and St Pats School – These three groups contacted there primary school and offered their services – spent the day gardening and spring clean flower beds.
  • Millennium Reserve – A beautiful nature reserve where we cleaned all of the rubbish.
  • Foodbank Can Drive – A group of lads organised a CAN drive at school and then visited the local food bank to donate them.
  • QEII Park cleans up – This group picked up and scooped out five large garbage bags of litter from the lake, in the park in the middle of town.
  • MIS – Three lads noticed we have an empty garden at school and thought we could plant in up. They rang our local mushroom farmer and organised a free trailer load of compost. The dug out the old garden and have put in the compost and have arranged to have Swan Plants planted.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the students all enjoyed themselves.