Longford Intermediate

Room 16 Kiwi at Longford Intermediate decided to do positively painted rocks as our SVA project.
We spent a month collecting rocks from local rivers, the beach, streams etc (lol, some students collected more than others).
We then painted the rocks, this took at least 4 layers of paint and we could only do one side at a time – boy was that stage time consuming!
After that we experimented with pens that would work effectively to write positive quotes or draw fantastic designs on them.
Now we needed to experiment again – what would be the best thing (and most cost effective!) to seal the rocks. After trying various sprays, we decided on using Mod Podge (the outdoor variety).
Due to the humidity we had been having this seemed to take f o r e v e r to dry! It stayed sticky for ages!
Once our Positively Painted Rocks had dried, students took them to various locations around our local area – Mataura, Gore, Riversdale, Tapanui, Croydon Bush. We chose locations that are generally well frequented by people – with young children and families being our target audience for this activity. We had to remember to keep in mind that the rocks had to be tucked away but not hidden – we want people to find them!