Lincoln SVA

Lincoln SVA

Who we are

We are the Lincoln branch of the Student Volunteer Army.

We are a small club at Lincoln University with the potential to do amazing things due to the unique skill base of our members.

We are passionate about helping and engaging with members of our community and getting involved in a number of different projects.

A photo of Lincoln SVA president and vice-president with Penny and Hannah
From left to right: Amy (Lincoln SVA President), Penny (Operations Manager)
Megan (Vice-president), and Hannah (Volunteer Manager)

Our aim

An image of the Lincoln SVA President working their club strategy

We are hoping to be able to encourage and excite young people about volunteering.

We have seen the amazing things that have been done throughout SVAs’ history and this coming year. We want to help and engage the local community, create spaces that everyone can enjoy whilst creating a positive environment for young people to be able to volunteer and continue volunteering.

Our 2022 plan

In 2022, the Lincoln SVA aims to organise two large events in the Canterbury/Selwyn area, one camp and a number of smaller ‘platoon’ events throughout the year.

We are hoping to be able to reach a number of different community groups and sectors and diversity our volunteering outreach.

At Lincoln we have a passion for people and the environment and agriculture, we hope to be able to portray this through our volunteering projects.