Johnsonville School

We researched a lot of charities but my class were most into the animal charities. So we decided to volunteer to help them. We sent emails to about 4 local charities and we offered to make some toys for the animals at their centres. We went online and found some cool videos that showed how to make animal toys for either cats or dogs. We made chew toys for dogs and play toys for cats.

Once the children had made all the toys, we packaged up the toys and sent them off to the charities. Some of the toys were too big to send (like the cat tents and bunk beds) so they had to be hand delivered.

We even made a class movie for the work we did about charities and we showed this on the big screen at the school assembly!

The Wellington SPCA have even offered to pay a visit to our school next term to further help us with the project. So overall it was a big success.

This is the Johnsonville School Student Volunteer Army checking in for duty – we shared our talents with our supportive community.  Thank YOU!

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