Island Bay School

We have been in the midst of getting our project up and running, and are now in the community engagement phase. The students voted and decided that a community garden/veggie patch was something that we could do, as our school had one that was in need of some TLC for the summer season!

They researched what plants grow well together and have had a blast getting the garden in top shape – weeding, composting, and preparing the soil. Our school compost team also got in on the project, offering their assistance and help throughout the process to ensure the garden was well nourished.

As the project is ongoing, we are currently in the stage where we are trying to engage the community to come in on a Friday and keep the garden under control, weeding and ensuring the plants are growing well (e.g. laterals off tomato plants). This is also an opportunity for the community to share their knowledge on growing and gardening.