Highlands Intermediate

Our class of Year 8 students, after much discussion and inquiry, decided to paint rocks with inspirational pictures and words to lighten up people’s days and lift their spirits.

We have donated the majority of the painted rocks to our local Foodbank, so they can be given out with food parcels over the Christmas period. We are going to hide the rest of the rocks in our local park, which backs on to the school. People can then find and rehide these, or to keep as they would like.

We all found there to be unforeseen learning in this project; both in deciding how to get the rocks to the people who could do with them the most and in the actual techniques of painting the rocks – which is much harder than it looks! We spent an estimated 150 hours on the project.

The students of the Fab14 Platoon at Highlands Intermediate not only helped children in need by raising money through volunteer work, they also helped the environment by making lunchbox wax wraps.