Helping a friend prepare for winter

Helping a friend prepare for winter

An image of Danny and his friend Avril
Superstar SVA volunteer Danny and his friend Avril, in Auckland

The SVA team matches requests of help from communities across Aotearoa to eager volunteers.

A request from lovely Avril in Auckland came through in late Autumn through our call centre, as she was running out of firewood and needed it chopped and stacked ready for cold winter nights. We matched her with a very engaged volunteer, Danny, who was grateful for the interaction (and the exercise!)

“Avril, who I helped cut up firewood for the winter, was really friendly and kind. She offered me refreshments and we had a great chat about her travel stories that made the work easy and fun.”

Tasks that can be considered easy for some can create many hurdles for others. We were proud to provide Avril with the reassurance of a warm winter, thanks to Danny’s help!

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