Havelock School

Kenepuru (Year 3-4) and Pelorus (Year 6-8) classes worked together with little teacher support to develop our school. The students wanted to:
– Create homes for native birds and wetas
– Plant fruit trees, vegetables and herbs for the families at the school
– Give to the community
– Make our school a beautiful place for people to enjoy in the summer
– Feed the birds

Students wrote letters for donations of native tree/bushes, seeds (vegetable/herbs/flowers/native plants), fruit trees, parent and community support and they even managed to get a $300 grant from the Marlborough Council.

It was incredible to see how the students got together and made the Student Army day happen.

– Planted numerous native and fruit trees
– Made seed bombs and dropped them into letterboxes around the community
– Made weta hotels
– Made bird feeders
– Made a herb garden from bamboo and plastic bottles
– Re- established the vegetable garden
– Planted sunflowers, cosmos, sweet peas etc. around the school
– Planted swan plants
– Potted native tree seeds
– Baked for all the adults and children who were working on the day