Hastings Intermediate

The students were eager to go to Nourish For Nil and serve our soup to the community.

Nourish For Nil is an organisation for anyone who would like to use it. Every day they collect donations from our local shops and bakeries. Anyone who would like the food is encouraged to come to Nourish For Nil, located on Karamu Road. People would line up around 4:00 pm, then come through at 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Inside were various types of food, fruits, vegetables, muffins, scones, chips, chocolates, meat, sauces and pastes, our soup, and more.

Our job was to make the soup that day, transport it to Nourish For Nil, serve it, wash the crockpots and then clean up. We even had feedback about our soup, that it was “amazing” and “just like Grandmas”. Everyone had massive smiles and laughter was always being heard. We have all enjoyed this project and feel as though we have made an impact in our community.

Platoon One-4 was in Havelock North spreading mulch for the Hawkes Bay Regional Council. This will have a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution into the adjacent stream and improving the habitat for fish and eel. We spent 65 hours on the project!