Greytown School

We did a cleaning sweep on a piece of garden at our school in order to make it look more presentable, as well as an effort to maintain an area of our school.

We went into an area north of our school that had been planted with natives and discovered some of the flora in the area. We made some signs to advertise the type of flora in the area, and documents connected to QR codes so that the students can share their new knowledge of the flora with visitors to the North Creek area.

One of the massive pieces of learning around this project was about an invasive species called ‘wandering jew’ or ‘wandering willie’, which is a succulent that grows in the area and grows rapidly when unmanaged. We are currently seeking expert advice and support on the best way to rid the area of this growth. We are learning that it must be done very carefully or the spores of the plant will grow back rapidly.

We combined our volunteering action with our environmental inquiry project that we did last term. We are using the action part of the inquiry as our volunteering for SVA. The class will be volunteering at North Creek.

We are also going to be doing some Christmas Carolling at the local rest home as another SVA project.

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