Glen Eden Intermediate

The Eden Army worked away planting trees in a local reserve. The students all worked very hard and enjoyed helping out in the community.

In term 3 our class looked at poverty and education. The students had to focus their inquiry on the idea of a social action and how they could help make some else’s life better in some way.

There was a range of ideas, however, there were two ideas that were particularly great.

1 – Sian and Priya researched about poverty and education, and in turn, created an education booklet (simple worksheets and maths practice) that they sent to World Vision in the hope that it could be printed for refugee’s so that they do not miss out on learning.

2 – Kayla and Chanel, researched about poverty amongst New Zealand children. They researched different organisations that help with this issue and decided to focus on women refugees. At a recent dance show that was held by the school, the girls sold strawberries, water and lollies, all for the women refugees. They raised almost $300!