Geraldine High School

The students have undertaken a range of volunteer projects this year:

Some Year 12 and 13 students decided to paint up a whole lot of rocks with positive and caring messages on them. Initially, the painting was done on tables they set up out on the school field – all students could come along and paint a rock in their lunch hours and put a special message on it. They had some examples of messages that could be put on the rocks if students couldn’t come up with their own. They then organised themselves during a lunch hour to walk the streets of Geraldine and deliver these rocks into the mailboxes of local people! We had a number of phone calls into school thanking our students for their efforts and kind thoughts.

This group also set up an antibully/ pink shirt day at our school earlier in the year. They were in early at school (7.30) to get organised for the day!

We hope to use SVA to undergo more projects in 2018 and beyond.