Edgecumbe School

Our community was hit by a natural disaster earlier this year in Edgecumbe which left our whole community with the devastating effects of a flood. Over 70% of the families in our community were displaced.

We choose to do a vegie garden for our SVA project as we felt like this was an important part of peoples lives that they would not be focused on. Currently families from our community that are working on their homes are focusing on putting walls in, choosing kitchens, drying, sleeping in portacoms or caravans, waiting for garages to be built or waiting for the ok to move back.

Their focuses are not on growing a garden for summer veggies, so we decided to do it for them.

We have nurtured around 90 different plants from carrots, beetroot, beans, radish, onions, cabbages to name a few in our class over the last 2 terms and we have planted 3 full raised gardens so far with one left to fill.