Devonport School

Devonport School worked with the Department of Conservation and the local community to track pests on our local Maunga, Takarunga. We had noticed a lack of native birds in our area and our theory was that the pests inhabiting the area were making it difficult for native birds to thrive. The platoons worked hard over the term to draw attention to the problem we had identified, and to come up with a solution

We used pest tracking pads to work out which pests lived on the mountain. The students constructed tracking tunnels and used them to monitor pest activity in the local area. We then investigated what we could do to help. We followed the STEM process to design either pest traps, or devices to attract native wildlife.

In order to educate the wider school community, an exhibition was held forr parents and the community which showcased the actions of the students. This was very successful!



13 thoughts on “Devonport School”

  1. It was quite hard creating our tracker as the tube was quite long. But in the end we got tons of tracks, some of us got stoat tracks.

  2. Amazing! I never realised what we did looked soooo cool!

  3. Yayyyy!!,
    I absolutely loved this project it was so much fun and it really taught me a lot about pests!! Definitely do this at some point in your life!!!!!

  4. This project was super fun (although a bit stressful). I think overall Lila and I made a wonderful design. Even though it didn’t work we tried our best 🙂

  5. So cool, I just love the presentations. Their really creative, unique and original!

  6. I really like the idea how we made the bird feeders and rat / pest traps???????? ????????

  7. I think it’s really good that we are stepping up and trying to make a change to our world .

  8. It was really fun

  9. I love how we got the chance to help birds or trap pests!

  10. Look So Cool.

  11. It was SO much fun when me And Henri showed off our awesome trap…. despite the fact that it had been invaded by ants and creepy crawlies.

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