Grocery Delivery Team Lead

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Help us deliver more groceries to more people.

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Omicron is huge pressure on communities who are struggling to access food.

SVA Grocery Service is a partnership with New World, Four Square and select PaknSave supermarkets that increases the capacity for grocery delivery to people isolating at home with Covid19.  The service is designed for people who can afford groceries, or have government support for their shopping, but cannot access grocery delivery.

We, the Student Volunteer Army, need to find people or partner organisations who can help us deliver more groceries to more people. The Student Volunteer Army (SVA) is looking for iwi, groups, NGOs, schools, company teams or membership-based organisations who can be a Delivery Team Lead and take responsibility for the orders that come to your supermarket. One Delivery Team Lead per supermarket.

How you can help
as a Delivery Team Lead

Key Responsibilities of a Delivery Team Lead
  • Access or build a team of volunteers that can support you. SVA provides all training materials for volunteers which you can email to your team.
  • Estimate the number of deliveries you can do each day (roughly). Orders have a maximum 24-hour turnaround from order to delivery.  Teams usually deliver between 5 and 50 depending on their size.
  • Receive orders each day, allocate them to volunteers, and ensure volunteers upload receipts for each order.
  • Ensure volunteer texts the client and advises them when they will do the delivery. Else, we get hungry customers phoning us asking where their order is!
  • Communicate with the SVA to confirm all your deliveries are complete or advise us if there is late delivery. If any orders will be late or cannot be delivered, you need tell SVA within 3 hours of receiving the orders.
  • Thank volunteers and offer them support for reimbursement via SVA’s system.