Cromwell College & Cromwell Primary

Cromwell College in collaboration with Cromwell Primary.

Our whole Year 7 of 80 kids has taken part in this.

In groups of 4 they had to come up with a community need and address it somehow through Volunteer work.

We have had students helping at early childhood centres, volunteering at Salvation Army, working with groups at the primary schools, delivering pamphlets for St John, helping at the Retirement home, raising money for SPCA, organising a group for a lakeside rubbish cleanup, making emergency kits etc.

The photos are of groups that volunteered in one of the primary schools.

One group made a fire safety presentation and delivered it to a year 1 and 2 class, the second organised some cooperative and team building activities for a group of 10 year 3&4 students and worked with them once a week.